Spamdown Project

Spamdown project is a RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) or a Domain Name System-based Blackhole List (DNSBL) focused on spam emails in Persian (فارسی) language.


Use the SpamDown DNS-based Blocking List with your own mailserver and get safe and effective spam filtering for free.

How do I use a Spamdown DNSBL?

The Spamdown DNSBL is similar to spamhaus. These answers presume you are running your own mail server AND understand what you are doing. You must fully understand the function and purpose of each DNSBL you use. All modern mail servers have a 'DNSBL' feature (sometimes called 'RBL Servers' or 'Blacklist'). If you are not sure whether yours does, read its 'Help' file or ask your mail server vendor. You can use Spamdown public servers free by setting your mail server's 'DNSBL' feature to query,

There is more information in our "Help Center".

Attention: Spamdown is a small RBL that focused on Persian(فارسی) language then you need to use at least one large DNSBL like in addition to Spamdown